There have been some issues on OSOM permits for Prime movers and trailers where the axle mass groups are not displaying for the Customer to add on the permit application. 

A workaround is available below until the issue is resolved. When the application is under assessment with NHVR then it will apply in Permit container.


View the Permit from the permit library. 
  1. On permit go to vehicle tab.
  2. Click on the Prime mover tab.
  3. Under component change to 'Prime mover short bonnet 1-3 axle' then change back to 'Prime mover short bonnet 1-2 axle'.
  4. If the trailer is not displaying the axle mass group then change to 'low loader 1 axle' then change back to 'low loader 3 axle'.
  5. The axle spacing table should appear.