The Sprint Board contains new features and enhancements to existing features currently prioritised for delivery in the current sprint cycle. Each sprint cycle is 2 weeks and features delivered within the sprint are released on the 3rd Wed of each month.

Priority bug fixes and minor improvements targeting internal users are also managed on this board.  All bugs and minor improvement issues in the board are released as soon as they pass system testing on the day at 4pm. 

Recently released

To find out what's recently been released see What's new.

Rules for prioritising bugs and minor improvement

Internal issues are only accepted on this board if the business owner accepts responsibility for communication and change activities.

External (Customer, Road Manager or Service Provider) issues are only accepted on this board if agreed by the Business Owner and Stakeholder Engagement. External issues in most instances should be part of a sprint plan and released as part of the monthly release cycle, so that required change activities can be completed including preparation of training material and delivery of communications.

Live board

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