What are the rules to calculate the Overdue and Expired decision states, which appears in the status columns of consent tracker or the Road Manager progress section under the Decision tab of a case?


The rules are:

  • Consent still open and time remaining less than 0 but greater than -56 = ‘Overdue’
  • Consent still open and time remaining equal to or less than -56 = ‘Expired decision’

Time remaining =  [Time allocated for consent] – [Time case with Road Manager]

  • [Time allocated for consent] = date difference in days between date consent submitted and due date (usually 28 days or 14 days)
  • [Time case with Road Manager] = when consent is in assessment workflow state

We used to automatically close the entire case as ‘Expired decision’ and all consents with time remaining <=-56d would be set to workflow state 55 ‘Expired Decision’. Roger over 2 years ago requested consents be left open (in Assessment workflow state) and only display ‘overdue’ or ‘expired’.  So there may be older consents with the workflow state 55. But now either a consent remains in assessment or once it is completed takes on the completion state i.e. Granted.