The Access Operations team manages the access of heavy vehicles to ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable road transport industry.

The team coordinates access permit applications from start to finish, liaising directly with road managers (state and territory governments as well as local government) to manage applications and facilitate decision-making.  

Their focus includes the following areas:

  • ​Facilitating heavy vehicle access to the road network.
  • Monitoring and reviewing of Road Manager decisions including technical support and escalations.
  • Administration of the delegated arrangement for access permits to jurisdictions.
  • Supporting the gazettals and pre-approvals process for road managers

Access Operations Charter

Purpose Statement

An efficient, consistent and productive access management service that maximises the economic value of the heavy vehicle road transport industry while minimising the adverse impacts of heavy vehicles on Australia’s roads and infrastructure.

Mission Statement

We enable the heavy vehicle industry to be as productive and efficient as possible, supporting transport operators to plan and move their vehicles and loads safely across the country.  We provide a seamless experience that is integrated with the other service delivery functions provided by the NHVR. We will take a leadership role in heavy vehicle access, informing and educating customers on their requirements and provide application decisions in partnership with road managers.

Postcards from the Future

Outlined below is a narrative of how the vision will be experienced by key stakeholder groups:


“I have certainty in what I am able to do, and I can easily find out how I can comply.  I am able to go to one place and have all my questions answered, whether online, over the phone or face to face. I can make decisions about my business more effectively as I have certainty of decisions and access to networks that allow me to just keep moving.  I feel like the NHVR are partners in my business, educating me in best practices that keep me safe, as well as enabling me to identify and access the most suitable and productive route possible.”


“I understand what is expected of me in my role and how I contribute to NHVR’s mission and vision. I assist customers to plan and undertake the most safe and efficient journey, ensuring that all relevant parties are appropriately consulted. While I am involved in quality checking data and working with all parties in the process, I feel like I am involved in opening up networks and freight routes to heavy vehicles that need access . I have expert knowledge in heavy vehicle access functions, but I can operate across other service delivery lines of business to enable a seamless customer experience.”


“I am consulted on the heavy vehicle access consent requests that matter to me and my community and have created networks that allow businesses to maintain supply of goods and movement of equipment with limited input from myself. I can access all of my previous decisions and understand the nature and scale of the heavy vehicle movements in my local and regional area. I have access to experts in the NHVR who deliver training and education on heavy vehicle innovation, as well participate in planning for regional heavy vehicle movements for the benefit our local economy.”

Goals and Objectives

The Access Operations team ensures that NHVR’s strategic outcomes are met through the following:

  • Providing support to customers and partners for the processing of access permit applications.
  • Facilitating heavy vehicle access to the road network for all permit applications across the country.
  • Delivering efficient access to networks through analysis of data to support progressing demand management.
  • Providing road manager support for consent requests and managing escalations for permit application issues.
  • Managing stakeholder complaints relating to the access permit application process NHVR administers.
  • Continually maintaining efficient and effective policies and processes relating to network access services.