The Digital Products Group has adopted a flexible user centric approach to product development, service transition and ongoing operational product improvements. The approach is aligned with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Digital Service Standard and is categorised into four (4) primary phases, being Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live. The following provides high-level purpose statements for each phase:

Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is where user specific engagement and research is completed to determine the needs of the users and how the platform can accommodate those needs.

See Digital Asset Mgmt Module - Discovery phase.

Alpha Phase

In the Alpha Phase, the business understanding and project objectives developed through the Discovery Phase, will be used to develop a series of Interactive Wireframes that mimic actual working logic of the end solution. This will allow the Digital Products Group to test prototypes with a small group of users/stakeholders to obtain early feedback about the design of the service.

Beta Phase

Based on feedback from the Alpha Phase, the Digital Products Group will finalise the development of a beta version of the platform to test the solution against User Stories, guide the development of Change Management activities; and ensure what measures will need to be implemented to ensure successful user adoption.

Live Phase

In the Live Phase, the Digital Products Group will monitor the staged implementation of the Platform across the user groups, ensuring we can react to developing needs and demands, and iteratively improve user’s ability to provide front-line services.